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Clear Captions Ensemble Phone

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The revolutionary Ensemble phone with ClearCaptions displays near real-time text of your conversation on the large 8-inch color touchscreen!

Hearing-aid quality

Near real-time
accurate captioning

Built-in answering
machine and
phone book

8” full color
touchscreen display

One-touch text sizing
for easy visibility

Speakerphone for
hands-free calling

Amazingly Simple

ClearCaptions allows you to enjoy your independence and stay connected with friends and loved ones, all thanks to the most accurate phone caption service available.

IP captioned telephone service may use a live operator. The operator generates captions of what the other party to the call says. These captions are then sent to your phone.

There is a cost for each minute of captions generated, paid from a federally-administered fund.

Place or Receive a Call

Just use your new
Ensemble™ Phone

You’re Connected

Our system connects your
call automatically

Start Talking

Near real-time captions will
appear on the screen

What Our Customers Say

“Instead of having to ask, you can read what they’re saying and it cuts a lot of conversation that you would have to ask them to repeat.”
Dorris B. Conyers, GA

"The ClearCaptions phone really helps me!"
Bill N. Akron, OH

"I like how the captions come across the screen very quickly as it helps me confirm what I heard on the phone."
Robert S. Lago Vista, TX

Enjoy your freedom and change your life with ClearCaptions.

ClearCaptions Caption Phone allows you to regain your independence and stay connected with friends and loved ones with the most accurate real-time phone captioning service available.


Our revolutionary home phone and captions are provided free-of-charge to people whose hearing loss makes it difficult to talk on the phone.

Free Installation

A ClearCaptions specialist will come to your home, install your phone and personally train you how to use it.

Free Ongoing Support

We know new technology can be difficult to learn. We make it easy for everyone with ongoing, free customer support.

ClearCaptions – Changing Lives Since 2011

ClearCaptions was founded in 2011 with a driving force to serve the hard-of-hearing community. Since our inception, we strive to bring value and improve the lives of our customers.

Making communication easier is our passion. We believe in providing the highest levels of service and products to our customers. Words matter to us at ClearCaptions.

Our development began with our legacy product ClearCaptions for Mac® and PC, with Web and Wireless at Then, in 2013, communication was made easier with ClearCaptions Ensemble, a caption enabled amplified phone. Our innovation continues to keep our community connected.

As a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – certified telephone captioning provider, ClearCaptions follows the highest industry standards for privacy, security and professionalism on all your calls. At ClearCaptions, we remove the barriers to free communication for our customers and their families.

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