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February 3, 2008 - Super Bowl XLII                                          New York Giants defeats the New England Patriots
Super Bowl commercials seem to receive more hype than the game. The commercials spots for Super Bowl XLII sold out in record time as advertisers vie for the highly sought-after opportunity to connect with the 97.5 million viewers who tune-in to watch the game and, perhaps with just as much draw, the Super Bowl Ads.

Marketing companies continually attempt to meet rising viewer expectations when producing their spots. Millions of dollars are spent by companies promoting their products. This year's advertisers paid an average of 2.7 million dollars (and as much as 3 million dollars) to secure a 30-second commercial during the game. The exposure they receive, and the money they make, is tremendous.

Each year Captions.Com monitors the commercials during the game to see which are captioned for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We then display those who captioned and those who did not. This year, PepsiCo ran a pre-game Super Bowl silent ad that featured American Sign Language and included written subtitles.

  • A 30-second ad during the Super Bowl is 2.7 million dollars - ($2,700,000.00).
  • The cost to caption that ad is approximately $200.

Check below to see how many sponsors were willing to spend the extra money to make their ad accessible and connect with the 28 million Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Captions.Com has compiled the following list of captioned and non-captioned commercials that were aired during the Super Bowl. We have tried to link to a contact page for each company. On some sites, we could not find a contact page. If you find that information, please let us know and it will be posted. Please take the time to thank the companies who have included captioning and let those who have not know that it is important to you.

Background and Disclaimer: This site is maintained \by several parents that have no relationship with any of the sponsors or do not have any relationship with captioning services.  Information for this site was obtained through casual observation and should not be considered definitive, although efforts were diligent.

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Captioned                               Score 20
Famous Dave's
Ronald McDonald House
Sprint, Smartphone
Sync by Microsoft
Chase Bank Cards
Tide to Go
Toyota (2)
GMC: Yukon Hybrid
Anheuser-Busch - Bud Light, Budweiser (5)
Planters Nuts
Ice Breakers
Sunsilk Hair Products
Coca Cola (2)
Not Captioned                  Score  34
Paramount Pictures: Iron Man, Drillbit Taylor
Ford (2)
Anheuser-Busch - Bud Light, Budweiser (2)
PepsiCo (2): Diet Pepsi Max,
Sales Genie (2)
Under Armour
Universal Studios (2): Wanted, Leatherheads
Gatorade G2 (2)
Disney (2)
New Line Cinema: Semi-Pro
Bridgestone Tires (2)
NFL Network (2)
Dairy Queen
Daytona 500
Jimmy John's Subs
Vitamin Water
Hyundai - Genesis
Fox (7): American Idol, Jumper, Preson Break, Moment of Truth,
     Sara Connor Chronicles (x3), House, Unhitched, New
Logitech - Harmony Remote
Sony Pictures: You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Vantage Point
Taco Bell

The following companies ran ads that may not have required captioning. They primarily used music.
Victoria's Secret  (Music Only)
Amp Energy (Music Only) (Music Only)
Audi (Music, Screaming Only)
SoBe Life Water (Music Only)
Doritos (Music Only)


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