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January 28, 2001
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To millions of people, half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is the commercials! Millions of dollars are spent by companies to promote their product during this great sporting event. They spare no cost to make their commercials the most memorable. 

Eighty eight commercials were aired during the Super Bowl. Each 30 second ad cost $2 million. Of the 88 commercials, 38 were captioned for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. That means that 50 commercials were not accessible to millions of people around the world. After spending millions to produce and air their ads, 34 companies chose not to spend $200 more to caption them. 

Contact the following companies and let them know your concerns. If they did caption, please thank them. has made an attempt to locate email addresses and/or web site contact forms for each of the following companies. In many of the contacts, the email goes to the webmaster. In that case, it is a questionable whether it will get to the right person. Therefore, it would be appreciated, if you are aware of more direct email addresses or web contact pages, that you contact  us. 

Note: When companies have a domain name (, it may work to send your email to corporateoffice@their domain, information@their domain, etc.

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