Captioned Not Captioned
2003 Commercials
Not Captioned
Pizza Hut Ford North Minnesota
McDonalds Acura
Charles Schwab Honda Element 
Budweiser ESPN
Chrysler Honda Element  (2)
Fed Ex Sony Play Station 2
Bud Light Pizza Hut
Dodge Truck Charles Schwab
Gatorade Quiznos
H & R Block Pepsi Twist
Bud Light ESPN
VISA Ford North Minnesota
National Drug Committee AT&T Wireless
Bud Light Pepsi - Sierra Mist
Monster.Com Pepsi - Sierra Mist
Hanes Visa Check Card
Phillip Morris NFL
Trident Smirnoff
Bud Light Nissan Ultima
Budweiser Cellular 2000
AT&T MLife Crizal.Com
Bud Light Heartland Chevy (local)
Cadillac Diet Pepsi
The Anti Drug HotJobs.Com
George Foreman Grill Subway
Bud Light Reebok
Budweiser Sleep Number Bed (Select Comfort)
Cadillac CTS ESPN
Sony MasterCard
Budweiser MyFico.Com
Bud Light
Commercials with no audio:  Movie Ads - None are captioned
Levis Tears of the Sun (Sony Pictures)
The Life of David Gale
The Hulk
Anger Management
Date Devil
Bad Boy II
Bruce Almighty
Charlies Angels
The Recruit


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