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Super Bowl commercials seem to receive more hype than the game. Millions of dollars are spent by companies promoting their product. The exposure they receive, and the money they make, is tremendous. This year - 2004 - a 30 second commercial during the game costs 2.5 million dollars.

Each year, Captions.Com monitors the commercials during the game to see which are captioned for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We then display those that captioned and those that did not.

A 30 second ad during the Super Bowl is 2.5 million dollars - ($2,500,000.00). The cost to caption that ad is approximately $250. Check back to see how many sponsors were willing to spend the extra money to make their ad accessible.


Captions.Com has compiled the following list of captioned and non-captioned commercials that were aired during the Super Bowl. We have tried to link to a contact page for each company. On some sites, we could not find a contact page. If you find that information, please let us know and it will be posted.

Background and Disclaimer: This site is maintained by several parents that have no relationship with any of the sponsors or do not have any relationship with captioning services.  Information for this site was obtained through casual observation and should not be considered definitive, although efforts were diligent.

Not Captioned
The NFL  (Contact info is only for comments regarding the website. Contact us if you find an email, phone or address to actually contact the NFL)
Pizza Hut
Pepsi (Sierra Mist) - Or try this link and click "Ask Lisa" and see if she can answer why this was not captioned.
The NFL (Join The Team)
Dairy Queen
NFL Network
Quit Plan - stop smoking
3M (Post-It Notes)
NFL Network
Master Card
NFL Shop


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